Videostar Competition Application Requirements

1) Conditions For Contest Participants
The Videostar Competition is open to everyone's participation. Participants must fill in the information requested from them completely and accurately. Participants with missing or misrepresented information lose their rights even if they win prizes. Participants can participate in the competition only on their behalf. No participation can be made on behalf of someone else. If different records made by the same person by giving different name-surname, email and phone information and records not made by real persons are not included in the competition.

Participants can participate in the contest in 3 different categories with maximum 3 different videos.
In the photos and / or texts used by the participants when participating in the contest, inappropriate content containing insulting, swearing, insulting or defamation elements that violate public morality and insulting, swearing, insulting or insulting elements about third parties should be removed. Users who share such content, even if they have won awards, reward rights can be taken indefinitely without notice.
Participants are required to fill out the "Video Star Contest Participation Form" completely and complete the participation procedure specified in Article 3.
If deemed necessary, VideoStar Media may request from the participants the originals of the documents received during the application.

VideoStar Media employees cannot participate in the competition, even if they have participated and won, their gifts are not given and VideoStar Media does not have any responsibility for this.

People under the age of 18 cannot participate in the competition, even if they have participated and won, their prizes are not delivered.

Responsibility for the accuracy and validity of the information provided belongs to the participants.

If the contact information of the winning participants is not correct, the rights related to the award won will be lost, VideoStar Media is not responsible for the failure to deliver bonuses due to the fact that the contact information is not correct or the communication information is missing. Announcement of the original winners on the Competition page means that the winners / persons are notified. The participants cannot claim any rights on the grounds that the result of the competition is not communicated or is late. The announcement made on the website / social media account is sufficient for notification.

In the event of a third party's claim, the payment of the prize is suspended until the objection is concluded. VideoStar Media is not responsible for the process until the conclusion of the claims. Participation in the contest and transactions on the site are free.

2) Conditions For Video Content Participating in Video Star
There is no subject limitation in Videostar ideas provided that it complies with the following. The content of the video ideas to be developed is illegal, defamatory, unethical, degrading, humiliating, pornographic and all kinds of information, and any message requiring punishment, but not limited to those listed here, and may be a crime or promote crime or violate national and international laws, racism, bigotry, hatred, and any physical harm or injuries to any group or person, through speech, behavior and broadcasting, and such content that may undermine the reputation, reliability of the content provider or damage their business and actions, or through any message or publication or any information or element that encourages harassment or harassment against a minority group, or that contains and contains any information and elements that involve and encourage sexual harassment and violence against those under the age of 18, or It accepts that it will not send any photographs, image files and text that violate moral and copyright rights.

The participants declare and undertake that the videos they send to the contest are entirely their own. The legal responsibility that may arise from the fact that the video ideas belong to someone else and their registration rights, belongs completely to the participants.
By uploading their ideas through the Videostar application, participants will directly accept the application terms of the competition.

3) Videostar Delivery Format and Conditions for Competition Participation Procedure
Participation in the contest is free.

4) Videostar Conditions for Exhibiting, Buying and Copyright
The competition, which will be held through the VideoStar application, is organized weekly and monthly.The Participant is deemed to have given permission for any commercial use of all ideas participating in the competition. The person or persons who organize and finance the competition have priority and preemption rights. The participant undertakes that the ideas and designs that he submitted to the contest are an idea that has not been implemented or presented in any way. All legal obligations arising from the non-authentic designs submitted to the contest belong to the participant.

VideoStar Media will have the right to publish, use, archive and display information, pictures and images belonging to the participants of the competition, together with their projects, in the format they deem appropriate.
VideoStar Media may purchase the projects they deem appropriate by agreement with the PARTICIPANT. For this reason, VideoStar Media will have a pre-purchase right on the awarded works for 3 months after the announcement of the competition results.
All legal responsibilities arising from the non-authenticity of the designs sent to the competition or their registration rights belong to the contestant. Participants are deemed to have accepted the conditions determined by this specification.
Those who participate in the competition from abroad cannot win awards because the competition is specific to the country in which it takes place. The award won cannot be changed, transferred, returned or converted into cash. Taxes and other legal obligations for the award won are paid by the winner. In case of determining the participants who try to gain unfair advantage with various methods in practice, this participant will not be entitled to the award, and VideoStar Media reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings and to demand compensation for all damages arising therefrom. During participation in the contest, due to problems and damages that may arise from the personal computers and internet access of the participants and any technical problems and situations such as unauthorized access to such computers, VideoStar Media does not accept responsibility.

Participants in the Contest are deemed to have accepted these Contest Participation Conditions. VideoStar Media reserves the right to evaluate and supervise whether or not it complies with the Competition Participation Conditions. In all disputes arising within the scope of the competition, all records of VideoStar Media will be taken as basis. VideoStar Media reserves the right to terminate the Competition at any time and to change the Competition terms. Everyone who participates in the contest is deemed to have accepted, declared and committed irrevocably the above conditions.

Anyone who participates in the contest is deemed to have accepted the contest conditions in advance. Audit and evaluation of whether the participants comply with the Competition requirements will be carried out by VideoStar Media within the framework of the information based on the participants' declaration. VideoStar Media may change these conditions and rules without prior notice to its participants, if necessary. Changes in conditions and rules are binding for all participants. Therefore, participants agree that they should visit this page regularly to find out the current conditions and rules.

If any article of the Terms and Rules is deemed to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the article will be deemed separable and will not affect the validity and applicability of the remaining provisions. Although no claims are made on the contents, however, VideoStar Media has been given the right to use the contents.

Participants permit to share their username, profile picture and information about their actions with third accounts, advertisements and sponsored content. The participant agrees that service updates can be downloaded and installed on their devices.

If the participant chooses a username or a similar identifier for their account, VideoStar Media can change them if it deems appropriate or necessary (eg if it violates someone else's intellectual property rights or impersonates another user). Intellectual property or trademarks of VideoStar Media cannot be used in cases where it is not expressly permitted or prior written permission from VideoStar Media. To change the Software of VideoStar Media, create its derivatives, convert it to source code or otherwise try to extract source code from VideoStar Media, it must first obtain written permission from VideoStar Media or under an open source license.

5) Competition Calendar:
The competition schedule can be revised by the organizing committee if deemed necessary. In case of any change in the dates, current dates will be announced on the website.